Gallery M and Janet Mootz Photo | Class Information

Janet has 30+ years working in photography. She loves to teach and learn. 

Basic One on One Instruction 60 min. 
$40.00 per person.   $50.00 for a couple.

Perhaps you have a new camera or one you have had but never knew what all the buttons were for. Here is your chance to learn about camera modes, on camera flash, composition and more. Bring your questions.
Call me for a time. Available Days (10:00am) and Saturdays.
**All participants should bring their camera (with CHARGED batteries)  AND manual to their session. If you can bring examples of your work via flash drive or prints that would be great too. Show me the good, bad and the ugly.


**These classes are intended for novice photographers only.

One on One Advanced Photography Classes   Semi-professionals or advanced users.

$100.00 for 1.5 hours or bring a friend and it's only $75.00 each. $50.00 an hour each additional hour per student.

Thinking about starting a photography business? Maybe you already have but you feel like you could

learn more before going at it 100%. There is always more to learn. I can customize a class for you.

Some areas of advance learning:

Off camera flash. In studio or on location.

Bouncing Light. Reflectors and Diffusers.

Are you a Shoot and Burn photographer? Want to make more money? We can talk about

ordering process and products that will make you more money.

Basic Editing. Photoshop.

Field trip. Get outside and test out your new technical skills and practice posing.

Don't see what your looking for? Contact me and see if I can help with your other areas of interest.

Group classes and Beginner Point and Shoot classes will be offered too. Please watch our Class Calendar and Facebook for updates.

Please bring a check or cash to cover your class fee. Credit card accepted please add 3% processing charge.


We will be offering additional classes in other art forms. Let us know what your interested in! See the calendar for dates and times.