Gallery M and Janet Mootz Photo | Session Tips


Let's make the most of your session!

Whether it's a senior, business or family portrait session careful preparation

will help create beautiful images.


  • Eyeglasses: If your glasses do not have anti-reflective coating you may want to remove lenses or borrow a pair from store with no lenses to avoid glare.
  • Transition glasses get dark outside (and sometimes inside too). Please avoid wearing these for outdoor photographs.


  • Haircuts - You don't want too look "to fresh" after a haircut. If you are planning on a cut get it done at least 4 days before your session.
  • Hair color touch-ups should be considered before session too.


  • Women wear your makeup as you normally would (foundation, lipstick and mascara are highly recommended). Makeup is important. If you don't usually wear makeup you might want to meet with a consultant ahead of time to make sure you have the correct foundation color and are applying eyeliner, lipstick, etc. in the most flattering way.
  • Note: Women may want to avoid heavy dark eyeliner on the inside of lower eyelid/waterline.
  • Women bring FACE POWDER, especially on warm days or longer sesisons to help reduce shiny face.
  • Check your nails. No polish is fine, it they are painted make them look fabulous!

        Chipped polish is a no no.
**If you would really like to spruce up your session ask Janet about her Hair and Makeup stylist option.


  • If possible make sure children are fed and rested. A portrait session can be stressful and tiring for them. But fun too!


  • Avoid getting sunburned before your session.
  • If you are very tan avoid wearing clothes that show your tan lines.
  • You are welcome and encouraged to bring props, such as: toys, instruments, hobby items (skateboards, artwork, etc.) or athletic related materials.
  • Favorite things- scarves, hats, jewelry.... Express yourself!


  • Bring at least 2 changes of clothing.
  • Avoid busy patterns on clothing (especially in group sessions).
  • Very white tops don't photograph as well and can make some people look very washed out. Better to avoid.
  • DO NOT WEAR a shirt with a very tight pattern on it. This can cause a problem called a moire effect which give a digitized look to the clothing. See example below.
  • Solids are preferable (especially for business portraits and groups).  High School Seniors can bring more variety but do bring at least one solid shirt preferably dark. Dark clothes tend to make people look more slender.
  • For LARGE groups of people I am not one for all matching shirts but colors in the same color family are nice. Like browns, reds, and yellows or blues and greens.
  • Business portraits and family studio sessions long sleeves preferable. 
  • Make sure clothes are ironed and wrinkle-free.
  • Consider your footwear if you want full body poses taken.

shirt2shirt2 shirtshirt

Moire problem created by tight overlaying pattern.

Minor touch ups are done at no-charge.

Check out this link for prop ideas. Make your session more unique and fun!